Frequently asked questions


What is the benefit of taking high school credits powered by OES at Sigma Learning Center?

Sigma learning center provides comprehensive in class support supplementing the online platform of the Ontario eSecondary School private high school. As a result, students gain freedom from the usual rigid and lengthy course structure. With us, students are given the ability to complete courses at their own preferred setting and pace, but at the same time have the added advantage of in-class support for smooth sailing all the way.  It is truly the perfect blend of education and technology with the added human element.

Will the courses count towards my Ontario secondary school diploma and or universities and colleges accept the credits?

Yes! Course credits are issued by Ontario eSecondary School, a Ministry of Education accredited online high school whose marks are accepted by all universities and colleges. To this date OES has processed grades for universities and colleges for over 250+ students without any issue. 

Who can take the courses?

Anyone can take these courses, whether you are a high school or a mature student needing to complete course requirements for university or college or upgrading your marks. 

Are the fees refundable?

Fees are not refundable after 24 hours of payment.